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About Us

Back in 2009 my first child was born, but he was born a lot earlier than expected.  15 weeks early, weighing just a little more than a tub of butter and just a bit bigger than my hand he was instantly attached to many cords and monitors and to me he was nothing less than perfection.  This little bundle of perfection came with many obstacles though.  The biggest was being very susceptible to illness so I needed to keep the house extra germ free.  Which should have been easy but his weak lungs also meant that no harsh products could be used.  I was faced with the challenge of how to keep the place clean enough without using tough chemicals.  Baking soda and lemon became my staples.  But missed the house smelling nice.  Although loving the fresh citrus scent of lemons I wanted variety too.  I came to discover essential oils.  And then I discovered various ways to use them.  The first batch of laundry crystals was made and the fabric softener that had been missed dearly was back.  Odours were neutralized and the laundry had a scent other than lemon.  Then bath salts were made and I felt pampered.  With many sleepless nights it was pure bliss.  A couple of drops in boiling water freshened the tiles.  I have been blessed with an employer who is very family orientated and allows us me to have as much time off as needed to attend to his medical needs and my daughters medical needs (she couldn't be left out and came into this world early too), I realize it is a strain on his business and have decided to branch out with my own business passing on the products that have served me so well for so long.  His health is far better now and we probably could use harsh products again but I have fallen so in love with the natural products we use I could never go back.