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Laundry Crystals - Essential Oils - Homely Scents

Laundry Crystals - Essential Oils

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This is part of the essential oils range.  Unlike synthetically manufactured fragrant oils, this range is completely natural. They are less likely to cause any irritations or reactions.

Add the crystals to your washing machine before adding your clothes and your washing will not only be softer but your laundry will also be left smelling fresh and also helps to neutralize odours.  Suitable for both top and front loaders. Use 2 scoops for loads upto 4kgs, 3 scoops for loads upto 8 kgs and 4 scoops for loads upto 12kgs.  Scoop included.

This is a fragrance booster only and will replace your fabric softener but not your washing powder.

100g will do approximately 6 small to medium loads.